Operation Sail 2000
Hampton Roads, Norfolk Harbour
Photographs of some of the tall ships involved
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Name Country of Origin Stats
Gazela of Philadelphia USA,
Type: Barkentine
Date: 1883
Length: 178 feet
Californian USA,
Type: Topsail schooner
Length: 145 feet
Oosterschelde Netherlands Type: Topsail schooner
Date: 1918
Length: 167 feet
Simon Bolivar Venezuela Type: Bark
Date: 1980
Length: 270 feet
Dewarutji Indonesia Type: Barkentine
Date: 1952
Length: 191 feet
N.E.Sagres Portugal Type: Bark
Date: 1937
Length: 293 feet
Esmeralda Chile Type: Barkentine
Date: 1952
Length: 371 feet
Pogoria Poland Type: Barkentine
Date: 1980
Length: 154
Amerigo Vespucci Italy Type: Full-rigged
Date: 1931
Length: 330 feet
Cisne Branco Brazil Type: Full-rigged
Length: 275 feet
Guayas Ecuador Type: Bark
Date: 1977
Length: 257
Pride of Baltimore II USA,
Type: Topsail schooner
Date: 1988
Length: 170 feet
Kalmar Nyckel USA,
Type: Pinnace
Date: 1998
Length: 116 feet
All photographs © Scott W Barlow, 2000